Beneos Tokens: The Emissary of Annihilation
Beneos Tokens: The Emissary of Annihilation
Beneos Tokens: The Emissary of Annihilation
Beneos Tokens: The Emissary of Annihilation

Beneos Tokens: The Emissary of Annihilation

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The Emissary of Annihilation: The Ultimate Force of Obliteration!

 Step into the realm of cosmic destruction with the Emissary of Annihilation, an exclusive token offering from Beneos Tokens. Experience the sheer power of a being that doesn't just end life but seeks to erase the very essence of existence. Don't miss out on this chance to add the animated Emissary of Annihilation token to your collection!

What's Included:

  • A Zip file featuring the animated Emissary of Annihilation.
  • Multiple animations showcasing the Emissary's unmatched destructive capabilities.
  • Animated Portraits.
  • Animated Preview Sequences giving a glimpse of the Emissary's unparalleled power.
  • Custom Playtested Stat Blocks with Unique Abilities for intense confrontations.
  • Diverse Actions and Reactions, showcasing the Emissary's ability to obliterate and manipulate reality.
  • 4 Spell Lores: Deconstruction, Destabilize, Planar Rupture, and Void Shield.
  • A comprehensive strategy guide to harness the power of the Emissary of Annihilation.
  • Story Prompts to weave the Emissary seamlessly into your narrative.

Exclusive Token Offering: Initially released for ongoing Patron supporters, we're now offering this token exclusively in our webshop for those who might have missed out.

Discover the Legend: The Emissaries of Annihilation are not just constructs; they are the embodiment of cosmic obliteration. Their sole purpose is to eradicate all life, leaving nothing but void in their wake. Their story is one of relentless destruction and the ultimate challenge for any adventurer.

Unmatched Power: The Emissary of Annihilation is not just another adversary; it's a cataclysmic force. Its raw power, combined with its cosmic disciplines, makes it a challenge that few can overcome. Its unique abilities to manipulate reality and harness the power of annihilation make it a monumental challenge for any party.

Unlock More Content: The accompanying PDF (also added to the FoundryVTT actor) provides a deep dive into the Emissary's abilities, tactics, and lore. From its unique actions to its devastating attacks, prepare your players for an encounter they won't forget.

Beneos Tokens FoundryVTT Integration: Enhance your gaming experience with our module:

  • One-click access to the Preview Video, showcasing the Emissary's might with the Beneos Module.
  • Switch Tokens (Animated Portrait, Top Down, Isometric) or even use the animations with your own creature.
  • Unique Abilities and a design that stands out.
  • One-click combat guide for a strategic edge. Simply install our free Beneos Tokens Module on FoundryVTT and elevate your game's visual experience.

Don't Hesitate! Dive into an epic encounter with the "Emissary of Annihilation" and take your gaming sessions to cosmic levels. Are you prepared to face the ultimate force of obliteration? Secure your exclusive token now!

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Vsevolod Lozitskyi
amazing job !

Nice to see professional in RPG industry