Ultimate Bundle: Castles and Mansions [50% OFF]
Ultimate Bundle: Castles and Mansions [50% OFF]
Ultimate Bundle: Castles and Mansions [50% OFF]
Ultimate Bundle: Castles and Mansions [50% OFF]
Ultimate Bundle: Castles and Mansions [50% OFF]
Ultimate Bundle: Castles and Mansions [50% OFF]

Ultimate Bundle: Castles and Mansions [50% OFF]

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Ultimate Bundle: Castles and Mansions!

Castles are a majestic sight to behold, mansions magnificent and glorious. Justifiably, Fantasy-RPGs are sprouting with them. Luckily, we can provide you with a huge collection of 3d animated battlemaps and sceneries for your TTRPG Castle and Mansion adventure!

The "Ultimate Bundle: Castle and Mansions" includes:

  • The Temple of Light:
    • One of our earliest battlemap releases. A site of serenity and wisdom, filled with the scent of honey and nectar, and beaming with an aura of divine brilliance. This release includes four battlemaps and sceneries for your divine adventure!
  • Orc Fortress:
    • The fortress conquered by Orcs is a blend of military architecture, and Orcish tribal culture. The fortress' walls are beset with leather and bones, the courtyard stuffed with Orcish tents and machinery of war. A map perfect for any adventure revolving around the green menace! 
  • The Magnificent Mansion:
    • It's said, the mansion once belonged to a madman of a wizard. Unsurprisingly, the ordinary looking mansion from the outside is filled with surprises, wonders, and dangers from the inside. Take care when exploring!
  • Dourcrag Castle:
    • The mighty Dourcrag castle stands guard, upholding its duty. A modular set of battlemaps for you to use as you please! From castle sieges, to prison breaks, city walls, or rescue missions. This fortress will suit your adventuring needs! 
  • Fidatov Manor (Curse of Strahd compatible!):
    • Fidatov Manor was originally intended to be run along the optional homebrew adventure of the same name made by the Reddit User MandyMod for Curse of Strahd. Yet, the release's dark and haunted as well as bright and ghost-free versions can be used for any adventure you can imagine!
  • Argynvostholt (Curse of Strahd compatible!):
    • Argynvostholt was the headquarter of the Order of the Silver Dragon, with the Dragon of the same name at its head. Suffering just as much under the vampire's curse as anyone else, the Order succumbed to the vampire lord's dark influences and their once glorious hold crumbled. Originally intended for Curse of Strahd, this map can be used for any adventure of your liking!
  • Castle Ravenloft (Curse of Strahd compatible!): 
    • Castle Ravenloft, the lion's den. A set of countless halls and corridors beset with unspeakable dangers and horrors. From the lowest to the uppermost floors, the entire Castle Ravenloft as seen in the Curse of Strahd adventure module is part of the bundle. Of course, like any other of our battlemaps intended for CoS, this release can be used for any adventure set inside a gothic castle!

The bundle in numbers:

  • 134 3D Animated Battlemaps & Sceneries!
  • 592 Player Handouts!
  • 8 Fully Animated Intro Sequences!
  • 256 Animated Creature Tokens!
  • 1 Original Music Track for your Curse of Strahd Campaign!
  • 42,91 Gigabyte of tabletop content!

Exclusive FoundryVTT Integration and MP4 files inteded for table-play:

This bundle includes MP4 filed battlemaps and sceneries intended for table play, and files for Foundry VTT integration! While either versions are 3D Animated, the MP4 versions are intended to be shown on your TV or any other screen during your in person adventures at the gaming table. The VTT integrated map on the other hand offers exclusive connectivity between the maps, as well as other features to make your life as the DM as easy as possible. To learn how to integrate the files with your Foundry VTT, click here!

Disclaimer for Curse of Strahd content:
While compatible with the Curse of Strahd module, the original module is required for the official map art, character images and description texts.


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Holy Moly

Awesome pack. It is just sooo much content. How am I suppose to use this all? Good job and more than fair price