About Beneos

Beneos is a small German indie publisher dedicated to creating TTRPG content. Our goal is to enhance the fantastic stories of our decades-old pen & paper systems with modern digital solutions. We focus on answering the important questions every game master has always asked:

  1. How do I make my story more immersive?
  2. How can I minimize my preparation time?
  3. How do I find exactly what I need without searching for hours?

Our Design Philosophy

These questions are the foundation of every product we create, and our aim is to solve them. We offer animated battlemaps built and animated using state-of-the-art technologies, like a video game created with Unreal Engine 5. Additionally, we provide unique role-playing backgrounds that can't be found elsewhere on the internet. Because we build a truly living 3D world, we can also offer animated intro sequences for almost every release, which have always thrilled every group. Alongside this, we offer animated creatures with well-thought-out character statistics and abilities. Each of our creatures is designed to reflect its own narrative through its abilities, ensuring that every encounter advances the story and offers more than just simple combat.

We specialize in Dungeons & Dragons 5E content, but our maps and tokens can also be used in many other systems.

Foundry VTT - Our Specialization

In our opinion, Foundry VTT is one of the best, most stable, and versatile virtual tabletops on the internet. The development team is diligent, regularly releasing fantastic updates, and the community is passionately programming their own modules, allowing every game master to customize their game to even the most eccentric demands. With our Beneos module, we offer an "all-inclusive" solution with unique features that surpass all the goals mentioned above. Here is a glimpse of the features we offer with Foundry VTT:

  • Linked Maps and Scenes: As a game master (DM), you can freely navigate between maps using a navigation bar, keeping an overview at all times.
  • Location-Specific Sound Sources: When your players' tokens pass by a stable, they hear the cows mooing. When they enter a building, the noise fades and is replaced by the creaking of the hut and the crackling of the fire.
  • Connected Maps: In a dungeon, the maps are linked so that players (if the game master wishes) can independently move from map to map, creating a seamless world feel.
  • Handouts: Most maps come with handouts, rendered images of specific areas that may be of interest depending on the story you are telling.
  • And Much More: Watch our trailer for a comprehensive overview.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us - via email, Patreon, or our Discord server. All contact options can be found on our contact page.

Check out our image and promo video for further impressions.