Beneos Battlemaps releases several packs every month. Each pack includes 1-30 battlemaps and sceneries (MP4 and WebM video files), comes with unique handouts (JPG and WebP image files), and an intro sequence specially designed for each environment. For Foundry VTT users, we also offer a completely interconnected world. With our search engine, you can quickly find the right map for your needs. All releases are placed on our Escalia World Map, allowing free navigation from battlemap to battlemap, or to the continent, or the whole world, without any wait time. Our goal is to present engaging content as easily as possible and impress your players.

Beneos Tokens, Spells, and Items releases an animated creature token (WebM video files) every week, complete with a handmade stat block, engaging abilities, and icons, as well as a strategy guide on how the monster should be used. Each token comes with 1-6 skins, its own PDF, and several perspectives, depending on your preference. There are animated top-down, isometric, and portrait tokens. Through the Beneos module, custom creatures can be animated with Beneos animations, and the animation changes when a Beneos creature is brought to 0 HP in Foundry, turning the token into a death token. Additionally, custom spells and items for D&D are released every month, which, like the tokens, can be quickly found and incorporated into the game through our search engine.

Of course! We offer two complete Beneos Battlemaps releases for free download. They are exactly as they were released and can either be integrated directly with all features in Foundry VTT or just as easily used at the table on your TV or projector. Here's where you can download.

Many think that Beneos content can only be used online through VTTs like Roll20 or Foundry VTT, but that's not the case. I (Ben) personally use everything at the table with my laptop and TV. You can either use a video player to play the videos or another software. I myself use Foundry VTT at the table because it's so convenient and saves so much time.

Our Patreons give you immediate access to a large part of the archive. In the shop, you'll find additional content not used on the Patreon pages or offered as zip files for local backup after Patreon support ends.

Our content is compatible with most popular VTTs that support webm or MP4 files, such as FoundryVTT, Roll20, and AlchemyRPG. However, all VTTs developed based on the Unity Engine (such as Fantasy Grounds and the Dynamic Dungeons Editor) do not support the VP9 codec, the current standard for streamable and web-optimized videos. This means they have issues displaying transparency. While Beneos Battlemaps is not affected by this, our animated tokens have alpha channels, which these VTTs display with a white/black background instead of transparency, making them incompatible.

We have been working with Foundry VTT for years, and it comes closest to our vision of a limitless gaming environment for TTRPGs. We use it ourselves for online games, but also at the table on a notebook and a TV. With the Beneos module, we have developed our own module for Foundry VTT that offers many great quality of life features for immersion, time-saving, and linked worlds. Here are some of the features:

  • Linked Maps and Scenes: As a game master (DM), you can freely navigate between maps using a navigation bar, keeping an overview at all times.
  • Location-Specific Sound Sources: When your players' tokens pass by a stable, they hear the cows mooing. When they enter a building, the noise fades and is replaced by the creaking of the hut and the crackling of the fire.
  • Connected Maps: In a dungeon, the maps are linked so that players (if the game master wishes) can independently move from map to map, creating a seamless world feel.
  • Handouts: Most maps come with handouts, rendered images of specific areas that may be of interest depending on the story you are telling.
  • And Much More: Watch our trailer for a comprehensive overview.