Join Us!

We are a small development team from around the world, based in Germany. Our focus is on creating virtual worlds with Unreal Engine 5. If you can imagine working in an international team on the best hobby in the world, bringing joy to others through their adventures (or tears, if it’s a particularly dreadful monster), and you are an expert in role-playing games (especially Dungeons & Dragons 5E), and confident in handling complex tasks independently with Unreal Engine, then the Beneos team might be a perfect fit for you.


What We Are Looking For:

  • Team-oriented Environment Artists for Unreal Engine
  • Expertise in rendering high-quality cinematics and battlemaps with Unreal Engine
  • An eye for exciting environments and gameplay opportunities
  • Ability to work independently and with trustworthiness
  • Deep understanding of TTRPGs and the needs of game masters
  • Good English skills, especially in the TTRPG context

What We Offer:

  • Flat hierarchies in a decentralized team
  • Complete home-office work with flexible hours
  • Lots of freedom and creative opportunities
  • Industry-standard compensation (as an employee, mini-jobber, or freelance contractor)
  • Comprehensive asset library for creating virtual worlds
  • Development opportunities: We value passion higher than professional experience - the latter can be quickly made up with the former!

Are you a student of game design or an amateur Unreal developer? Don't be discouraged; instead, be motivated to convince us of your skills.