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Beneos Battlemaps Developes Digital RPG Solutions!

High quality animated Battlemaps, Sceneries, Character Tokens, Adventures, One-Shots for your Table Top Role Playe Game. Optimized for FoundryVTT and Roll20

Beneos Spell Card ImageBeneos Battlemaps Preview image with tokensBeneos Spells displayed in Foundry VTTBeneos Tokens in action with charakter sheetBeneos Battlemaps Shadow Realm Release SceneryBeneos Battlemaps Bluewater Inn Scenery
Beneos Battlemaps Ashur Fire Temple Example

Impress your players with animated Battlemaps.

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Beneos Tokens Preview Example

The biggest Archive of Animated Tokens available.

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Beneos Tokens Beholder Example

Beneos Tokens, Spells and Items

Every week, we release animated tokens. Each token features animated top-down, isometric, and portrait animations and comes with an individual sequence to properly introduce each monster to your players. Multiple times a month, we release our own magical items and spells for DnD5e, which you can even print out as cards for your gaming table.

Beneos Battlemaps Shadow Realm Image

Over 2000 BAttlemaps and Sceneries


Every month, we release several packs of battlemaps and roleplay backgrounds, along with animated intro sequences and numerous rendered player handouts, so you can tell your story as easily as possible with our content.


Don't Waste Time Searching

Foundry VTT and Beneos Moulinette One Click Installation

One Click Installation

Minimal Preperation Time

With our cloud partner Moulinette and Foundry VTT, you can download all maps fully prepared. Everything is perfectly linked, equipped with walls, features position-dependent ambience sounds for maximum immersion, and so much more.

Beneos Tokens: Goblin PackBeneos Tokens: The Azure Dragon-SageBeneos Tokens: Weavstress & DreamweaversBeneos Tokens: The Emissary of AnnihilationBeneos Tokens: The Valkyrie

Brand new

Goblin Raiding Rabble

A fully prepared Goblin Pack, ready to be thrown at your Players. This pack contains 16 fully animated goblin tokens. A Shaman, Warrios, Scouts, Hog Riders, Mutants and many more.

Let's Raid A Village

Bring your game to life

All a Game Master Need

Beneos offers battlemaps, sceneries, intro sequences, animated tokens, custom magical items, custom spells, a dedicated search engine, one-click installation with our cloud partner Moulinette, strategy guides for our tokens, and unique adventures.


I've been using Beneos for my CoS campaign and it has succeeded in blowing the minds of new and old players alike! Absolutely worth buying into his patreon for the insane quality and using moulinette integration makes the game so fucking easy to run. Can't hype this enough!




Beneos' virtual scenes and battlemaps are stunning, and his Foundry integrations make running the game a seamless and immersive experience.


DnD Content Creator


Literally the best maps available for my campaign.




Works as advertised, it's awesome, seriously Ben thanks for the hard work, my players are constantly blown away by the maps.




I joined last week and I just want to say how BLOWN AWAY we all are with the content you produce!! From subscribing to walking around the imported scenes in Foundry it was about 8 minutes! Tausend Dank und viel Lieb von Salt Lake City, Utah!

Alex Pomper



Wow just total and complete WOW




Hello ben, New Patreon from Chile ! Thank you for all your creations !! They are awesome, specially for COS, keep going man !!!

Franz Jonshon



I loved this token so much I needed to purchase it for a boss battle. My players were very impressed.


Beneos Tokens Customer


Nice to see professional in RPG industry

Vsevolod Lozitskyi

Beneos Tokens Customer


What does Beneos Battlemaps offer?

Beneos Battlemaps releases several packs every month. Each pack includes 1-30 battlemaps and sceneries (MP4 and WebM video files), comes with unique handouts (JPG and WebP image files), and an intro sequence specially designed for each environment. For Foundry VTT users, we also offer a completely interconnected world. With our search engine, you can quickly find the right map for your needs. All releases are placed on our Escalia World Map, allowing free navigation from battlemap to battlemap, or to the continent, or the whole world, without any wait time. Our goal is to present engaging content as easily as possible and impress your players.

What does Beneos Tokens, Spells, and Items offer?

Beneos Tokens, Spells, and Items releases an animated creature token (WebM video files) every week, complete with a handmade stat block, engaging abilities, and icons, as well as a strategy guide on how the monster should be used. Each token comes with 1-6 skins, its own PDF, and several perspectives, depending on your preference. There are animated top-down, isometric, and portrait tokens. Through the Beneos module, custom creatures can be animated with Beneos animations, and the animation changes when a Beneos creature is brought to 0 HP in Foundry, turning the token into a death token. Additionally, custom spells and items for D&D are released every month, which, like the tokens, can be quickly found and incorporated into the game through our search engine.

Can I download sample packs for testing?

Of course! We offer two complete Beneos Battlemaps releases for free download. They are exactly as they were released and can either be integrated directly with all features in Foundry VTT or just as easily used at the table on your TV or projector. Here's where you can download.

Many think that Beneos content can only be used online through VTTs like Roll20 or Foundry VTT, but that's not the case. I (Ben) personally use everything at the table with my laptop and TV. You can either use a video player to play the videos or another software. I myself use Foundry VTT at the table because it's so convenient and saves so much time.

Our Patreons give you immediate access to a large part of the archive. In the shop, you'll find additional content not used on the Patreon pages or offered as zip files for local backup after Patreon support ends.