Elevate Your Tabletop RPGs with Beneos Battlemaps and Tokens

Welcome to Beneos Battlemaps and Beneos Tokens, Spell & Items, the brainchild of founder Ben. As a German indie publisher, our mission transcends the ordinary; we aim to improve tabletop RPG experiences by infusing them with digital magic, making them the ultimate hobby for adventurers everywhere. Unlike others who may dilute the essence of role-playing games into mere computer experiences, our vision ensures you, the game master, remain the sovereign storyteller of your epic saga.

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Why Choose Beneos?

At Beneos, we're not just about building maps; we're about creating experiences that leave your players in awe. At the table on a TV or projector, or online with virtual tabletops (VTT). Our offerings are meticulously designed to solve three age-old challenges faced by game masters:

Immersion Like Never Before:

  • A Pencil-drawn dungeons on a grid paper has always worked for for RPGs. But our high-quality animated maps, authentic sounds, custom role-playing scenes, player handouts, and exclusive intro sequences for each new chapter of your story. We've been astonishing players for years, elevating their gaming experience to unparalleled height.

Effortless Preparation:

  • We understand that a game master's time is precious, and preparation should focus on crafting captivating narratives. With Foundry VTT integration, you can download fully prepared digital areas from our cloud with just a few clicks. Our platform allows for seamless in-session downloads, unnoticed by players, simplifying your role significantly. While beautiful maps are not unique to us, the time spent finding the right one is. Our dedicated search engine for maps, tokens, spells, and magical items, accessible at beneos-database.com, saves you invaluable time, making your preparation as enjoyable as the game itself.

Unmatched Consistency:

  • Finding consistent maps online can be a daunting task for game masters. Our solution? Offering a variety of styles, formats, and quality options for a single area, with up to 30 maps in one release—more than what others might offer in six months. Our Escalia World Map links all releases on a single map that grows with each publication. Plus, with Foundry VTT, all maps from a release are interconnected, allowing players to traverse through them as you see fit. We've woven all our releases into a consistent, ever-expanding world.

Discover Beneos Today

Explore our treasure trove of creations on our Patreon pages or our shop at beneos-battlemaps.com, where you gain access to everything we've ever released. With regular releases of maps twice a month and tokens, spells, and items four times a month, your adventures will never lack the depth and detail they deserve.
Join the ranks of those who've entrusted their gaming experiences to Beneos Battlemaps. Let us bring your game to life, making every session not just a game, but a journey into a world bound only by the limits of your imagination.
Beneos Battlemaps, bring your game to life.