Beneos Tokens: The Azure Dragon-Sage
Beneos Tokens: The Azure Dragon-Sage
Beneos Tokens: The Azure Dragon-Sage
Beneos Tokens: The Azure Dragon-Sage

Beneos Tokens: The Azure Dragon-Sage

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Azure Dragon-Sage: The Thunderous Wisdom of the Skies!

Embark on a journey through the celestial realms with the Azure Dragon-Sage and witness the profound wisdom and unparalleled power of a creature that not only shapes destinies but also commands the very forces of nature. Seize this opportunity to incorporate the animated Azure Dragon-Sage token into your collection!

What's Included:

  • A Zip file featuring the animated Azure Dragon-Sage.
  • Multiple animations depicting the Dragon-Sage's awe-inspiring command over thunder and lightning.
  • Animated Portraits.
  • Animated Preview Sequences, providing a sneak peek into the Dragon-Sage's unmatched might.
  • Custom Playtested Stat Blocks with Unique Abilities for epic battles.
  • Diverse Actions and Reactions, highlighting the Dragon-Sage's mastery over the storm elements.
  • 4 Spell Lores: Stormflight, Bullet Dew, Thunderous Brace, and Summon Cloud Sheep.
  • An in-depth strategy guide to harness the power of the Azure Dragon-Sage.
  • Story Prompts to integrate the Dragon-Sage effortlessly into your storyline.
  • Exclusive Token Offering: Initially launched for our dedicated Patreon supporters, this token is now exclusively available in our webshop for those who might have missed the initial release.

Discover the Legend: Azure Dragon-Sages are not mere mythical creatures; they are the epitome of celestial wisdom. Their mission is to ensure freedom for all, often signaling times of revolution and reformation. Their roles vary from being revered advisors, with the ability to predict the future from cloud patterns, to elite military leaders, leading their troops to the rhythm of distant thunder.

Unparalleled Might: The Azure Dragon-Sage is not just a formidable opponent; it's a force of nature. Its innate power, combined with its storm-based abilities, presents a challenge that only the bravest can hope to overcome. Its unique skills to control and harness the elements make it a significant threat to any group.

Unlock More Content: The accompanying PDF (also integrated into the FoundryVTT actor) delves deep into the Dragon-Sage's capabilities, strategies, and lore. From its distinctive actions to its potent attacks, prepare your players for a confrontation they'll remember for ages.

Beneos Tokens FoundryVTT Integration: Enhance your gaming sessions with our module:

  • One-click access to the Preview Video, showcasing the Dragon-Sage's prowess with the Beneos Module.
  • Switch Tokens (Animated Portrait, Top Down, Isometric) or even integrate the animations with your own creature.
  • Unique Abilities and a design that truly stands out.
  • One-click combat guide for a strategic advantage. Simply install our complimentary Beneos Tokens Module on FoundryVTT and elevate your gaming visuals.

Dare to Challenge: Engage in a legendary battle with the "Azure Dragon-Sage" and elevate your gaming adventures to celestial heights. Are you ready to confront the thunderous wisdom of the skies? Secure your exclusive token today!

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Azure Dragon-Sage, A cure for your campaign Blues

A typical Beneos asset. Fleshed out well and adaptable to any campaign. A stat block and story that's easy to build a campaign around.