Beneos Tokens: The Lord of Dust
Beneos Tokens: The Lord of Dust
Beneos Tokens: The Lord of Dust
Beneos Tokens: The Lord of Dust
Beneos Tokens: The Lord of Dust

Beneos Tokens: The Lord of Dust

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Lord of Dust: The Unyielding Monarch of the Forgotten Sands!

Step into the desolate expanse of a fallen empire with the Lord of Dust, a commanding presence resurrected from the ancient Ankh’ir Empire. Embrace the chilling might of a being whose very essence is intertwined with the unyielding sands and the dark whispers of the past. Add the formidable Lord of Dust token to your collection, and let the sands of time swirl in your favor!

What's included:

  • A Zip file featuring the animated Lord of Dust, a medium undead of lawful evil nature.
  • Intricate animations that capture the Lord of Dust's majestic yet ominous essence, wrapped in ceremonial armor and wielding the powers of the desert.
  • Animated Portraits that reflect the haunting visage of this undying ruler.
  • Preview Sequences showcasing the Lord of Dust's fearsome abilities and the swirling sands that obey his command.
  • Custom Stat Blocks tailored for challenging encounters, complete with unique abilities for epic confrontations.
  • Diverse Actions and Reactions, illustrating the Lord of Dust's mastery over sand and necrotic forces.
  • 2 Spell Lores: Scarab Infestation and Dust to Dust, adding depth and tactical variety to your gameplay.
  • A comprehensive strategy guide to effectively utilize the Lord of Dust in your campaign.
  • Engaging Story Prompts to seamlessly integrate the Lord of Dust into your adventures, stirring ancient secrets and forgotten battles.
  • Exclusive FoundryVTT Integration: Elevate your game with our easy-to-use module. Instantly access animations, switch token styles, and use unique abilities with our user-friendly interface. Enhance your visual experience and strategic gameplay in FoundryVTT with the Lord of Dust token.

Introducing the Plague Table: A key feature of the Lord of Dust is its ability to inflict a variety of devastating plagues, detailed in the comprehensive Plague Table. This table outlines multiple unique afflictions, each with immediate Infection effects and longer-term Outbreak consequences. From the rapid aging caused by Parchment Skin to the hallucinatory horrors of Raider’s Reward, each plague adds a layer of strategic complexity and narrative depth, challenging players to adapt to these harrowing conditions. This feature not only enhances the Lord of Dust's role as a formidable adversary but also enriches the storytelling aspect of your campaigns.

Unmatched Power: With a challenge rating of 18, the Lord of Dust is not just a token adversary; it is a complex and lethal foe. Its unique abilities to manipulate sand and inflict debilitating curses make it an essential addition to any high-stakes campaign.

Beneos Tokens FoundryVTT Integration: Enhance your gaming sessions with our bespoke module. Enjoy a seamless visual experience and strategic depth by integrating the Lord of Dust into your FoundryVTT adventures.

Dare to Challenge: Engage with the "Lord of Dust" and bring a new dimension of intrigue and challenge to your gaming sessions. Are you prepared to unearth the secrets of the Ankh’ir Empire and face the wrath of a forgotten monarch? Secure your exclusive token and let the sands of fate decide your destiny!

Customer Reviews

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Zach Byers
Another very unique and fun baddy!

I've begun really finding reasons to incorporate Beneos Tokens into sessions just because they're so much fun to put my players up against. Keep up the good work!

Tom S.
Deadly Lord of Dust

An awesome animated token / creature by Beneos.

The overview video really shows it in action, and outlines the built-in/configured abilities available. And I am always intrigued by the excellent audio presentation of these animated tokens.

Additionally, I often re-use the iso or top-down model animations for other campaign creatures.

A floating undead lich or mummy-like nemesis with a magic staff and deadly powers? I can use it in many challenging game encounters!