Beneos Tokens: The Magma Wyrm
Beneos Tokens: The Magma Wyrm
Beneos Tokens: The Magma Wyrm
Beneos Tokens: The Magma Wyrm

Beneos Tokens: The Magma Wyrm

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The Magma Wyrm:

1 Zip file with a fully animated Magma Wyrm Token

Every Token comes with:

  • Rendered Isometric Idle Animation
  • Rendered Top Down Animations
    • Up to 3 Idle Animations
    • Attack and Ability Animations
    • Death Animation
    • Hit Animation
    • Walk Animation
  • Animated Portraits
  • Animated Preview Sequences for your Players
  • Custom Playtested Stat Blocks with Unique Abilities
  • Incl. Lair Actions and regional effects
  • 3 Custom Items to reward your players
  • 1 strategy guide to use the Magma Wyrm effectively
  • Story Prompts to implement the Magma Wyrm into your game

Note: This token was the loyalty token for Aprill 2023 on Beneos Tokens. All active Patrons at the end of a month who constantly support Beneos will receive a bonus token in addition that will be available for purchase only here in the webshop for those who missed it.


Magma Wyrms inhabit the most inhospitable terrain imaginable, breeding at the black sand shores of great lava lakes or within the noxious calderas of active volcanoes. Glowing red with inner heat and covered in glistening obsidian scales, fighting these great Wyrms head on is foolhardy bordering suicidal and only the greatest (or most boastful) dwarven heros are said to have defied a Wyrm’s withering heat and extinguished its molten core.


The Magma Wyrm turns up the heat of a regular dragon encounter - tougher defenses, more powerful bites and tail slams and two devastating breath attacks. But this is not all - the Magma Wyrm’s heart is a liquid core of molten rock, enabling the Wyrm to either increase its inner heat to maximize fire damage dealt by its lava-based abilities  or cool down to boost its obsidian scaled defenses. This allows the Magma Wyrm to either aggressively unleash its torrents of scorching magma or form itself into a splinter-scaled fortress, pelting players with shards of volcanic glass. It all makes for a complex, dynamic and intense boss encounter for veteran characters!


The PDF accompanying this release includes the Magma Wyrm’s stats and a tactical overview on how to implement this unusual dragon into an awesome encounter! Immerse yourself into the blazing depths of its lair with unique legendary and lair actions, as well as a host of magic items and narrative story prompts inspired by this CR 19 nightmare!


FoundryVTT Integration & Installation

With Beneos Tokens, our FoundryVTT Module, you get the best experience:

  • Automatic Death Animation when the token hits 0 HP
  • Automatic Hit Animation if the health reduces
  • Automatic Attack and Ability Animations
  • One Click Access to the Preview Video
  • Unique Abilities and a Clever character design
  • Handy one click guide for combat (offensive and defensive)
  • To use this features, you need to install our Beneos Tokens Module on FoundryVTT (It's free!)
  • At the moment, only the DnD5E System is supported in FoundryVTT

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Gabriel Cersonsky
    Best vtt supplements

    My go to for maths and took it when using poetry. Thank you so much.

    Wesley Matthews

    Beneos Tokens: The Magma Wyrm

    Richard mcmahon

    I am about to use the magma wyrm in next session and actually planning to use 2 of them again my players (3pc's) who are lvl 20. I am so excited to use the burrow feature as I have an isle layout surrounded by lava. The game stats and the skills are perfect!
    Love the magma wyrm!!

    Charles Morris
    Awesome Token

    Like all your tokens I love the life-like movements.